Payables represent financial obligations or amounts that a business owes to its vendors or suppliers. In the context of this API, payables typically involve transactions such as invoices, refunds, or other financial obligations that need to be tracked and managed.

The payables endpoints allow you to create, retrieve, update, and list payables, providing a comprehensive set of functionalities for managing financial transactions within your application.

Document Types

Document types represent different categories or purposes of financial documents associated with payables. Each document type is identified by a unique integer code. The following document types are supported by the API:

28Boleta de honorario
32Factura exenta de IVA
33Factura electrónica
34Factura electrónica exenta de IVA
38Boleta exenta
39Boleta electrónica
41Boleta exenta electrónica
40Invoice settlement
43Electronic invoice settlement
45Purchase invoice
46Electronic purchase invoice
47Total of the month special electronic voucher
48Electronic payment
50Office guide
52Electronic office guide
55Debit note
56Electronic debit note
60Nota de crédito
61Nota de crédito electrónica
110Electronic export invoice
111Electronic export debit note
112Electronic export credit note