A bank transaction represents a wire transaction from your account to a bank recipient, all the created transactions must be first authorized via API before they are executed.

Bank transactions can have the following status:

  • 🗒 draft: The transaction only exists in Cardda and not in the bank records
  • :soon: enqueued: The transaction has been queued in the bank account
  • :put-litter-in-its-place: dequeued: The transaction has been removed from the bank queue
  • :hourglass-flowing-sand: preauthorized: The transaction was successfully preauthorized but must now be authorized.
  • :x: declined: Your bank declined the transaction
  • :white-check-mark: approved: The transaction was successfully approved and completed by your bank
  • 🔑 payroll_authorized: The payroll associated to this transactions has been authorized

Bank transactions can also have the following transitions, representing the status in which the transaction is moving towards on the bank:

  • ➡️  enqueue: Cardda received your enqueue request and its going to be queued soon
  • ⬅️  dequeue: Cardda received your dequeue request and its going to be dequeued soon
  • :hourglass-flowing-sand:  preauthorize: Cardda received your preauthorize request and its going to be executed soon
  • 💹  authorize: Cardda received your authorization request and its going to be executed soon
  • :fire:  remove: Cardda received your removal request and it's payroll is going to be removed soon
  • ⭕  null: The transaction is not currently moving between status